Winter is coming, now where is your owner’s manual? Yes, it would help if you took care of that car right away because the freezing season is rarely kind. Some steps are unavoidable when it comes to wintertime car care.

Not surprisingly, the cooling system requires attention. Just as you should change your oil and the air filter, consider it wise to get rid of the old coolant. Flush the coolant and refill the radiator. A DIY job might not be wise here, however, because you also want to check the hoses and other components, too.

And yes, you do need to double-check the strength of your car’s battery. A weak battery becomes even more unreliable in the winter. Professional equipment can gauge how strong the battery is, and a technician can recommend replacing it if necessary.

At our dealership, we hire skilled technicians capable of performing a variety of maintenance. Call our service department for an appointment.


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