It is a common courtesy of the road to turn your high beams down when you approach another vehicle from behind. Newer cars are equipped with auto-dimming lights to help prevent the dangers of this blinding glare. They also now include auto-dimming mirrors that react to the light from the car behind you.

Auto-dimming mirrors darken when a set of photodiodes senses light from the car behind you. This sends an electrical current through a material that changes color when electricity passes through it. This is called an electrochromic material. When the photodiodes no longer sense light, the current stops and the material changes back to a lighter color. This is an important technology because a car traveling down the road at 60 MPH can travel over 100 feet. A lot can happen in that distance, and you do not want to be blinded from headlights.

Ramsey Mazda can introduce to you to a selection of vehicles with top safety technology, including auto-dimming high beams and mirrors.



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