How important is technology to you in a vehicle? If you’re like most people today the idea of leaving home without your phone is unheard of. Apple CarPlay, a popular in-vehicle technology that allows you to take technology with you is available in most new vehicles today. Come to Ramsey Mazda, get the scoop on Apple CarPlay, and learn why it’s so popular.

With Apple CarPlay, you connect your phone to your car, and suddenly all the things you enjoy doing on your phone at home you can now do in the car. You can do it directly on your phone or on a display monitor. If you need help, just ask Siri and Google whether it’s making calls, sending texts, listening to tunes or searching through maps.

We want you to be informed drivers knowledgeable of every feature in your vehicle. Stop at our dealership in Urbandale and allow us to service your vehicle.



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