Hop Into the New Mazda3

The Mazda line is synonymous with a combination of high-performance, value and reliability all wrapped into one neat package. This automaker makes some of the most dependable and safe cars on the road today. Here at Ramsey Mazda in Urbandale we believe that safety is the most critical feature in a vehicle- above style, design or speed.

The Mazda3 offers a number of best in class safety features. While many small vehicles in this market are designed to be economical and often cut corners relating to safety, the Mazda3 takes it a step further and has dual airbags, EBS, traction control, and aluminum housing that makes the car safer in a crash. In addition, they have a number of electronic features built in to the vehicle to make it safer to drive in inclement weather like snow, salt, rain or wind. This car is a great way to get around safely.



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