Muffler and Exhaust Issues: Leaks, Damage, and Vibrations

Are you having an issue with your muffler? You may feel a deep vibration or smell something strange coming from your exhaust. With leaks and damage, you could be causing more harm to other parts of your vehicle by not addressing the issues sooner. In addition, a noisy muffler could also get you a ticket from police due to noise pollution complaints. However, the more serious issues come from carbon monoxide and other leaks that could destroy your engine.

Vibrations felt on the steering wheel while you're driving may something to do with a damaged muffler. The vibrations come from a loose muffler or a vehicle that isn't working properly to dispel the gas from the vehicle. In those cases, you could lose control of the vehicle if the vibrations become too strong.

If you are noticing issues with your mufflers, then you should talk to a service department immediately. You can visit Ramsey Mazda in Urbandale to get help with your muffler and exhaust.
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